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  The Circus Hunter by The Home Current

The Circus Hunter cover art

Artist: The Home Current
Title: The Circus Hunter
Catalogue Number: Subexotic Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

What’s the sound of the city these days? Doubtless it will be something entirely synthetic that has been delicately fingered by a disinfected human hand into a form that homo sapiens can enjoy via Bluetooth in their electric chariots as they journey to the 24 hour supermarket in search of the perfect chilled cappuccino in a recyclable plastic container. Or maybe it is actually “The Circus Hunter” by The Home Current?

The Home Current – aka Danish born electro looper Martin Jensen – would certainly seem capable of producing the very sounds that would get you from the charging point to where you are going and, with the ghost of the emotionally diminished dancefloor keeping you company, it isn’t going to take much for the you and the sequencer to become one with each other as those loops keep on coming with a drive that is both relentless and hypnotic. Nothing organic intrudes in these ten tracks either and nor should it for this is expressionism for the computer generation designed to reinforce their connection to the machine and thus enhance their appreciation of the necessity for perfection.

I am (probably) being too harsh in my judgement of this album made with precisely refrigerated emotion is (probably) still as valid as anything Earth, Wind & Fire ever did. Anyway, androids could probably dance to this album but I doubt that androids can feel the cold anyway. Can androids actually dance?
Review Date: November 20 2022