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  Pleasureland by The Red Lite District

Pleasureland cover art

Artist: The Red Lite District
Title: Pleasureland
Catalogue Number: DCC Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Way back – it seems so long ago now - in the days when you could find an honest band in any local hostelry anywhere in this no mean city, an outfit like Red Lite District would probably have been hidden by the camouflage of numbers. Today, however, there isn’t really much that might rightly be added to a proper soundtrack to beer drinking so “Pleasureland” actually makes for something akin to a pleasant change.

As you might expect, muscular guitar riffs are much to the fore on this five track EP with those sledgehammer sounds giving each of these songs a shot of steroid simplicity that becomes all the more appealing as the hour grows later. David Cameron strides out front with some pretty decent lyrics that would find parallels in late period indie rock but, with that said, it is the downright raucous “You’ve Lost Your Mind” that is the song that sticks in your mind and that nihilistic, almost punk fuelled, chorus will surely drive you back to the bar every time.

Music to drink beer by? I don’t have a problem with that.
Review Date: January 5 2023