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  Storybook and Crumbs EP by Strawberries

Storybook and Crumbs EP cover art

Artist: Strawberries
Title: Storybook and Crumbs EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Glasgow boys The Strawberries are followers of the insipid indie rock scene which clogs the popular music charts nowadays. Music is in danger of growing stale, with identikit bands compromising their integrity for big fat paychecks. This isn't to say that such bands are devoid of talent, but it's the compromise that ultimately robs them of any true credibility. I fear that The Strawberries are followers of this calling.

"Strawberries & Crumbs" is pure under-produced indie rock. "Bitter Side of Love" is a catchy indie stomper, and one of the more honest tracks on the album. The following track, "In Your Kisses", slows things down a touch, but really has nothing to offer the listener. The next track worthy of mention is "You Have My Word", a wah-wah-laden political number, which exhibits seemingly genuine anger as opposed to teeny-bop woe. The final track, "Blown Away", again fails to set the speakers alight, paling into insignificance like a dying breeze.

The Strawberries aren't without ability, but carry a sound so generic that they are unlikely to go anywhere. If this sound is their own and they intend to stick with it regardless, that should be admired. Their youth shines through in their music, and as contemporary music followers, it's likely that they will, with time, outgrow their tastes and put their ability to better use. This reviewer puts forth this challenge to them; prove me wrong.
Review Date: August 12 2007