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  Step Into The Light by Mist & Wing

Step Into The Light cover art

Artist: Mist & Wing
Title: Step Into The Light
Catalogue Number: MISTCD001
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2022

In the days when every bar had an acoustic night to entice the punters in out of the midweek chill, Mist & Wing – aka Alan and Grace Murray - would be an example of the kind of musical bait that would be used to tempt you inside.

The five songs on this EP are boilerplate Americana but that should not be seen as a particular disadvantage as Americana isn’t a genre that anyone would associate with protest, revolution or innovation and, truth be told, those folk flavoured vocal harmonies pretty much make this journey a pleasant one. The lyrics cleverly draw on the mundane for inspiration and, if you don’t shift gears as fast as you used to, then these five songs might well fit your definition of the kind of ear candy that will remain in your memory long enough to ensure no need for a re-introduction when you next encounter this duo at any city centred Americana festival.

Mist & Wing clearly know which was is up in the Americana universe and, by playing it safe, they have no trouble in getting where they undoubtedly wanted to go.
Review Date: November 22 2022