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  Beautiful Things by Netty Rose

Beautiful Things cover art

Artist: Netty Rose
Title: Beautiful Things
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Down home traditional values often work pretty well when it comes to things musical and Netty Rose make a convincing effort at proving that with their EP “Beautiful Things.”

The Netty Rose way isn’t to dance the dance of the avant-garde or to go wandering amongst the clouds in search of lyrical inspiration. Their way is the way that makes drinking beer seem like the only decent thing to do on a Friday night with their guitar driven blues rock songs echoing straight down the line blue collar sentiments all the way from then to midnight plus ten. I find that approach refreshing as you know that what you hear on this EP is exactly what you will hear should you and your beer encounter them after the hours of darkness descend.

No doubt about it, Netty Rose run in a straight line and that’s no bad thing if you prefer substance over style in your musical choices. Play loud - as you might expect – for best results.
Review Date: April 1 2023