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  Note to Self by Jamie Walsh

Note to Self cover art

Artist: Jamie Walsh
Title: Note to Self
Catalogue Number: 0207278
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Jamie slips easily between slower ballads and up tempo rockers, with several stops in between along the way.  Although essentially rock music (with a bit of an acoustic leaning) Jamie thankfully avoids the worst excesses of power ballads and stadium rock that seems to beset many who really should know better.  The result is a CD that is highly listenable with several deceptively catchy songs.

The highlight of the album is the understated yet solid rocking "My Own Way", and hopefully this one will achieve the airplay that it deserves.  The contemplative and slower acoustic number "Do You Remember" is another that really stands out and merits the attention of a wider audience.  With "Are You Ready" we are given a real treat of mid tempo blues edged rock; "Note To Self" is a just a little reminiscent of The Doors, and in contrast "You Don't Even Know My Name" is another lyrically rich acoustic based gem.

The best description for this collection of songs, and for that matter Jamie's approach to music, would be 'thoughtful rock'.  Clearly some effort and thought has gone in to the lyrics, and the music has been well crafted.  The overall result is a fine debut and one we heartily recommend.  For more information on Jamie Walsh, and to sample the music, visit his <a href="">Sonicbids EPK</a>.
Review Date: June 20 2007