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  And It'll All Be Good by Screaming Bones

And It'll All Be Good cover art

Artist: Screaming Bones
Title: And It'll All Be Good
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2022

Screaming Bones is a good name for a band. You would remember the name if you heard it and you might even remember “And It'll All Be Good” because, if you are in a - shall we say - contemplative frame of mind then this would make an ideal soundtrack to accompany your sparkles.

These ten songs ramble away in a manner that seems unconstrained by time but, despite that, there is a clear structure to both the songs and the concept behind them. This is, however, a wordless album with all the musical shapes contained therein running freely, sometimes out into the 14 minute timespan. That might seem like a long time for a song to take its shape and become complete but those of you with tastes that draw you into the less commercial varieties of psychedelic rock will find much that is familiar and will, perhaps, even derive some spiritual value from it.

“And It'll All Be Good” follows a meandering path on its way to wherever which, I would suppose, will make it of more interest to the niche than the mainstream. It is also to the credit of Screaming Bones – aka Mike Ludwig – that focus is never lost during the journey.

Available from Bandcamp and the usual digital places.
Review Date: April 29 2023