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  The Wireless Revolution by Dropkick

The Wireless Revolution cover art

Artist: Dropkick
Title: The Wireless Revolution
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I woke up this morning thinking that I had fallen back into the past and, as if to reinforce that feeling of having dived down then rabbit hole again, my ears caught the melodic sounds of Edinburgh popsters Dropkick who, undeterred by the passing of time, have released a new album called “The Wireless Revolution.”

Those of you familiar with Dropkick will know of the band’s fondness for mellifluous harmonies, catchy choruses, and that back in time mellow folk rock groove. Guitars, with more than hint of jangle, lead most of these songs and the precisely combined vocals soon give your ears a rest from harshness of the world around us. That’s always been the Dropkick way and there is also little doubt that songs have received plenty of the traditional the Dropkick polish with only “The Other Side” hinting at an aspiration to leave the sunshine of Edinburgh for Nashville. Of course, there’s nothing like “Dog and Cat” to be found in these ten songs but that song dates back longer than I care to remember longer or, at least, longer than I thought I could remember. I doubt, however, that long time Dropkick fans will be in any way disappointed with anything on this album.

I find an album like “The Wireless Revolution” curiously comforting. Dropkick are always easy on the ear and the fact that they are still releasing albums after all these years appeals to my sentimental side.

The album is available from Bandcamp, their website and the usual digital platforms.
Review Date: May 7 2023