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  Sorge* by Film 2

Sorge* cover art

Artist: Film 2
Title: Sorge*
Catalogue Number: BlauBlau Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Another day, another genre. This time the genre is “experimental noise-kraut” and the band is Film 2 - Jonas Albrecht, Elais Bieri and Elischa Heller – and one track is all you get on their album “Sorge*”.

That one song is not so much a song as a 42 minute opus that pulls all that is rock and metal progressive pondering from the last 50 years and sieves them through some tasteful arthouse sensibilities to make what might safely be assumed to be a statement. What that statement might be I cannot say but it is nonetheless clear that Film 2 are far from directionless in their musical endeavours. The band’s performances are focused, perhaps even deliberately mechanical in their precision, yet this does not lead to boredom on the part of the listener. Quite the opposite, in fact, as there is something almost hypnotic about “Sorge*” as the parade of cascading man-made musical instruments parallels and then melts into the sawtooth strut of the machine that then rotates abrasively against all that came before being subsumed into a cacophony of percussion.

By the way, you can throw away your headphones for this album needs speakers and earth shattering volume for maximum enjoyment. I don’t suppose that will make your neighbours happy but, then again, they should really have kept their cat out of your garden.
Review Date: June 2 2023