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  Valkama by Tenhi

Valkama cover art

Artist: Tenhi
Title: Valkama
Catalogue Number: Prophecy Productions
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

It might well have been a long time coming but here it is at last with Finnish band Tenhi releasing their sixth album “Valkama”. Tenhi’s discography isn’t familiar to me but I do like music that raises the spirits.

“Valkama”, however, is a rather serious album with the first song “Saatue” setting the tone by breaking the eleven minute barrier. That tone is deep, dark and dipped in melancholy and Tenhi have no problem maintaining that mood for the remaining eleven songs even if songs is perhaps not entirely accurate as each one seems to be a more of a movement that forms part of some greater symphonic statement. Certainly, the result of merging a rumbling male voice with a lighter choral accompaniment to layer downbeat emotions over some stalwart rock stylisations does make the album more contemplative rather than commercial but the occasional excursions into the epic do manage to keep your ears interested.

So, Tenhi are clearly not a sunshine band and “Valkama” isn’t likely to raise your spirits, but it is the kind of album that would make an excellent soundtrack to a walk in the forest at night.
Review Date: June 12 2023