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  Rambling Rose by Jude Edwin-Scott

Rambling Rose cover art

Artist: Jude Edwin-Scott
Title: Rambling Rose
Catalogue Number: Bellyhead BH9RCD09
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

In England’s green and pleasant land there is no shortage of earnest singer songwriters and Jude Edwin-Scott is, without doubt, one of that prolific breed with his album “Rambling Rose” providing the meek and the mighty with reasons to be cheerful.

His acoustic guitar is much to the fore on this album with his commensurate dexterity easily justifying the instrument’s central placement while his voice is the voice of everyman with the subjects of his songs being likewise lyrically locked to the expectations of the masses in these troubled times.

“Rambling Rose” is therefore an album that will attract the ears of the faithful attendees of folk and roots festivals across the land. This isn’t an album that will induce shock and awe but it will, instead, surely make a fine accompaniment to a summer shandy.
Review Date: June 26 2023