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  Songs From The Last Page by Gareth Williams

Songs From The Last Page cover art

Artist: Gareth Williams
Title: Songs From The Last Page
Catalogue Number: GWC01CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

I can’t say that I am familiar with the music of Gareth Williams but, on the basis of his album “Songs From The Last Page”, he would seem to be a serious guy with a love for minor key melancholy that gives the songs on this album both their anchor and their sonic signature.

Insofar as you can hear such a thing as musical training, “Songs From The Last Page” exudes complexity with the arrangements reflecting Gareth William’s extensive experience in the field of music. That, of course, may mean nothing to those who seek simply to be entertained but those who have applied their intellect to the enjoyment of matters euterpean will find elements of musical theatre, traditional folk and showtunes as ingredients.

“Songs From The Last Page” is therefore a serious alum from a serious musician that successfully mixes lyrical and musical maturity into a coherent whole. Ding-a-dong.
Review Date: August 11 2023