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  Gates Of Light II (Glasgow Edition) by Gates of Light

Gates Of Light II (Glasgow Edition) cover art

Artist: Gates of Light
Title: Gates Of Light II (Glasgow Edition)
Catalogue Number: Last Night From Glasgow
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

If there were to be a definition of what is truly cool, what would it be? Mere words would not be sufficient for this as style is something of a prerequisite to self-refrigeration and that, in my meandering way, leads me on to “Gates Of Light II (Glasgow Edition)” by Gates of Light.

I may well have said this before but Louise Quinn is the Queen of Cool in Glasgow with her voice having the eloquence and elegance that could turn even supermarket own brand cornflakes into best sellers. She has style and she has class – rare enough in there days- and these six songs duly, and seductively, enter your life and steal your heart (or your wallet if you are the kind of person who smokes whilst looking wistfully into the distance).

Musically, “Gates Of Light II (Glasgow Edition)” is electronic minimalism coated with the sultry sugar candy of Louise Quinn’s voice yet that is really of no importance for it is the fact that all that is here is so easy on the ear. So easy that you might think that it all just happened in the hour before happy hour yet much polishing has clearly taken place and, if you have either exquisite taste or simply functioning ears, you will surely be charmed.
Review Date: August 18 2023