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  Iron Eye by Freschard & Stanley Brinks

Iron Eye cover art

Artist: Freschard & Stanley Brinks
Title: Iron Eye
Catalogue Number: Fika097LP
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

There are bands that strike off in new directions with their every album and there are bands that can resolutely hold the same course with each and every album. Freschard & Stanley Brinks are one such example of the latter with their new album “Iron Eye” providing twelve more reasons for you to get acquainted with their endearingly consistent quirkiness.

There is nothing big about this album. No big name producer, no big complex arrangements and no high concept inspiring the lyrics. In fact, these songs seem deliberately small and insignificant yet, behind the minimalist presentation, Freschard & Stanley Brinks have injected no small amount of humanity and warmth into all that they do with their lyrics resolutely avoiding the poetic and, instead, mixing oddball sentimentality in with a disarming simplicity.

Freschard & Stanley Brinks have made some albums before so it is clear that they know what works best for them and their fans will no doubt appreciate more of the same. That said, those of you who might have been searching for something less synthetic than is provided by the mainstream would do well to stop and partake of “Iron Eye”. Quirky is as quirky does and Freschard & Stanley Brinks do it very well indeed.
Review Date: October 8 2023