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  Soul Full Tonight by Frenchie Moe

Soul Full Tonight cover art

Artist: Frenchie Moe
Title: Soul Full Tonight
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I don’t get to listen to many new blues albums these days. Not really sure why as the blues is in no danger of ever going away but they don’t cross my door as often as they used to. So, with a beer, a yeah and a verily, on to the words on “Soul Full Tonight” by Frenchie Moe.

The blurb on the back of the box states that this album was recorded mostly live which makes for a pleasant change in these days of processed music and, accordingly, the songs sound a whole lot fresher than the usual cellophane wrapped musical morsels that assault my ears. Frenchie Moe clearly knows her way around a guitar too and these nine songs – mostly cover versions - duly flow like they were destined to be joined together with her voice, whilst always playing second fiddle to her guitar, adding the kind of blue collar synergy that makes that Friday night beer turn into six.

As she is based in New Orleans, it is no less than appropriate to add some Cajun seasoning and the accordion of Sunpie Barnes duly spices up “Backup Plan”. Likewise, Bruce Elsensohn’s always supportive keyboard abilities help these songs go the distance.

So, is “Soul Full Tonight” just another blues album? The world will always have a place for just another honest blues album and this album is one of them. Just like there is always time for another beer…

Best Song: The aforementioned “Backup Plan”

Verdict: A solid and honest album.
Review Date: October 14 2023