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  Cyanide Smile by Stickman

Cyanide Smile cover art

Artist: Stickman
Title: Cyanide Smile
Catalogue Number: Criminal Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Looking for something raucous and robust? Yet, perhaps you want something with a bit more than a proverbial brick through the shop window of life prior to a bit of the old ramraiding? Something like Stickman’s album “Cyanide Smile” perhaps?

Hailing from the south of Wales – well they would, wouldn’t they? – Stickman crank it up to the max and spice up their nine songs with a curiously appealing mix of Britpop, true punk, American pop punk and even metal influences that encourages, even enchants, you into both delinquent behaviour and hearing damage. It’s not all brute force though as there is undeniable substance underneath all that volume with “My Genome” and “Binary”, especially, proving that a song can indeed be powered by irony.

You can’t go far wrong mixing volume up with some sharp lyrics and a JCB full of thoroughly aggressive guitars and Stickman duly don’t go far wrong. “Cyanide Smile” is an album from a band with something to say.
Review Date: October 20 2023