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  Probably A Metaphor by DIMITRI

Probably A Metaphor cover art

Title: Probably A Metaphor
Catalogue Number: Do It Thissen DIT-062
Review Format: Vinyl 10"
Release Year: 2023

There are legends and then there is DIMITRI and there is no doubt in my mind that there is only one DIMITRI for He is both one and everything at the same time. In fact, He is so one that he has embraced the needle scraping technology of the days before DIMITRI for his current musical mind expansion “Probably A Metaphor”.

DIMITRI blue vinyl album

The fact that there are only 30 flat spinning physical copies of this lathe cut opus just adds to the enigma that is DIMITRI. In terms of what you get for the money – besides the mind expansion and you can’t put a price on that – there are six tracks of synth sounds that seem inspired by the 8 bit soundtracks to low budget sci-fi movies of the VHS era and. on top of all that minimalist sequenced analogue goodness, are the words of DIMITRI delivered as a rap overlaid with all the ennui of a style king who now inhabits charity shops. He is truly Colonel Kurtz trapped forever in Sheffield.

Yet, and this is actually hard to explain, there is something hypnotic about DIMITRI’s music. “Probably A Metaphor” is notably more focussed than his previous releases but there is no loss of that disconnected, parallel universe, vibe that only DIMITRI can generate. Do not listen after eating French cheese.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 10 2023