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  A Love Supreme by Inutili

A Love Supreme cover art

Artist: Inutili
Title: A Love Supreme
Catalogue Number: Aagoo Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

There are albums that you listen to and there are albums that just seem to happen to you and, in some strange way, “A Love Supreme” by Italian band Inutili is such an album.

“A Love Supreme” is an album of just five songs but that matters not when you can ramble on like Inutili can with the title track actually transcending the fifteen minute mark. This isn’t therefore an album that values brevity or focus and, instead, veers off into Badalamenti inspired alleyways filled with steady rolling hippy grooves that go nowhere and everywhere at the same time. There is little in the way of lyrics either to distract you from being taken off into the shadows so this is a trip that you can safely take your artificially enhanced imagination on.

There are no red sails in the sunset anymore and it is certainly not 1968 yet Inutili nonetheless, and determinedly, follow the free form psychedelic playbook as they fade into the strange smelling smoke. It’s all in the head (or not).
Review Date: November 10 2023