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  False Highs True Lows by The Kundalini Genie

False Highs True Lows cover art

Artist: The Kundalini Genie
Title: False Highs True Lows
Catalogue Number: Last Night From Glasgow LNFG130
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

Some time in the, probably distant, past I remember that many bands of the Glasgow persuasion, took themselves on to the path of inspiration that would allow them to transcend time and return to the holy land of Haight-Ashbury. Now, as if all that was is again the present, The Kundalini Genie go there with their album “False Highs True Lows”.

This being Glasgow, no band, whatever their genre, can go without injecting a healthy shot of cascading guitars into the mix and The Kundalini Genie duly do so with their particular take on a filthy tongue vibe providing a successful, wash your ears clean, reinvention of trippier times. Damn, you can almost smell the sweet smoke emanating from the recording studio.

The vocals are, as you might expect, way back behind the motive power and serve to make your ears wonder if the value normally assigned to poetry has been transcendentally calculated and divided by the square root of infinity. Emotions are duly stirred but no clear ending to anything is given which was most likely the plan so hearing one song or all of them leaves you with the same feeling of being forever lost in the search for the end of the rainbow.

Some may be amused to find that “False Highs True Lows” seems to be another drone in the hippy airforce of today but few would deny that The Kundalini Genie easily keep their musical train on the right track. It’s, like, out there in mixed metaphor land, man!
Review Date: November 11 2023