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  Sorry by Carmen Sea

Sorry cover art

Artist: Carmen Sea
Title: Sorry
Catalogue Number: La Claudière
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

I hear a lot of French instrumental rock bands these days. I’m not entirely sure how so much of this type of music manages to turn up at my door but it does and there must be a reason for it all. Anyway, on to this review of “Sorry” by Paris based Carmen Sea.

It almost goes without saying that this EP is not lacking in focus with each of the five songs neatly assembled and sealed with the kind of emotional intensity that can’t ever be replicated by the mighty computer yet, unlike rock bands of old, Carmen Sea are prone to neither rambling nor extended solos with every note held in seemingly perfect synchronicity with every other. Like I said before, the most impressive thing here is the focus that Carmen Sea bring to their music with not even a second wasted over these five songs and even the right on trend vocals of Tetha that decorate the title song seem more of a counterpoint than a stylistic distraction.

“Sorry” is something of a “heavy” listen and those who are used to sugar coated pop songs won’t last long in front of the speakers but, for those who ponder the deeper and darker side of things, Carmen Sea are definitely a band that are worthy of your attention.
Review Date: December 4 2023