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  Memorex Mori by Conflux Coldwell

Memorex Mori cover art

Artist: Conflux Coldwell
Title: Memorex Mori
Catalogue Number: Subexotic Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I can’t say that I have actually seen the film but at least I have now heard the album that contains the soundtrack to Michael C Coldwell's film Memorex Mori. Using his alias Conflux Coldwell, this album successfully merges ambient and experimental musical cues into a whole that I found, somewhat surprisingly, to be oddly compelling.

As is usual for all music borne of ambient and experimental parents, there is nothing as trivial as melody or a chorus to trigger conventional artistic enjoyment yet this album – extended as it is – is not without a soul. The lack of a focus, a gameplan if you like, is certainly no surprise but these conceptual musical interludes still manage to merge into one another with a quite reasonable degree of consistency and, while the seemingly random insertion of synth sweeps and soundbites should indicate a degree of intentional discord, once again, everything seems to fall into its almost but not quite randomly assigned place.

I suppose that is the appeal of music like this. It has both continuity and discontinuity and while mainstream ears will no doubt wonder what the point is, both lovers of esoterica and those who just have jaded ears will likely find “Memorex Mori at least interesting and perhaps even oddly compelling.
Review Date: December 9 2023