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  Separations by Colin Macduff

Separations cover art

Artist: Colin Macduff
Title: Separations
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

Sometimes you can just sense that an album will be an earnest one. Maybe it is an impression determined from the cover art or maybe it is some sort of premonition but, however you wish to interpret such things, “Separations” by Colin Macduff is indeed an earnest album.

There is, as you might expect of one so determinedly earnest, much that is serious to be found in the words that drive Colin Macduff’s album onwards with little in the way of levity to distract the listener from the deep and very dark well of sentimentality that fills this singer songwriter’s glass. There is also little in the way of poetry to be found with the directness of his words substituting cold reality where elegant metaphors might have been more welcome. Add in his low key and undramatic singing style and it won’t be long before seekers of simple ear candy will listen elsewhere.

So, all in all, “Separations” is the kind of album that might be best appreciated during a period of self-reflection. I suppose that might even have been Colin Macduff’s plan.
Review Date: January 12 2024