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  Live! Kurdirektion by Bibliban

Live! Kurdirektion cover art

Artist: Bibliban
Title: Live! Kurdirektion
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

It is often said – well, at least by me – that much modern music is so heavily processed that it has no health giving vitamins and minerals left in it and then, as if to return us to the organic musical food chain, along comes a Slovenian band called Bibliban.

Their album “Live! Kurdirektion” is, as the title suggests, a live album so it has many, many rough edges. In fact, the only edges it has are rough with the songs being, for the most part, short sharp shocks to the civilised ear and scant regard is paid to the scarlet muses known as melody, symphony and harmony. But who really cares about that? Bibliban are the kind of band that seem determined to keep it real and their album benefits from turning the volume up and then turning it up a bit more just to ensure that your neighbours will call the police.

So, this album is sort of old school punk even if it is so untidy and unstructured that it often seems more like a freeform experiment in sonic disruption. Yet, underneath the cacophony there is both humour and a degree of intellect to be found for Bibliban might just be the kind of band that wants you to enjoy all the dimensions of their music. And, if you can enjoy music then enjoying life isn’t going to be far behind. That works for me.
Review Date: January 22 2024