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  The First Escapade by Anita Abram

The First Escapade cover art

Artist: Anita Abram
Title: The First Escapade
Catalogue Number: Every Bird EBR000006CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2023

I don’t suppose there will ever be a time when this country will ever run out of singer songwriters and adding her name to a very long list is Anita Abram with her debut EP “The First Escapade” featuring five opportunities to make her mark.

Oddly enough, she has taken a decidedly low key approach as these five songs, whilst always earnest, do not seem designed to impress. It has to be said that her voice has an endearing honesty to it yet I kept thinking that an injection of the dramatic was needed to bring her words to life. Don’t get me wrong as the time passes easily enough but there just wasn’t, as marketing chaps might say, a unique selling point that would lift her above the crowd.

So, “The First Escapade” is nice enough but, these days, nice enough isn’t quite enough.
Review Date: January 19 2024