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  The Girl With No Skin by Ella Ronen

The Girl With No Skin cover art

Artist: Ella Ronen
Title: The Girl With No Skin
Catalogue Number: BB*Island BBI 0522
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2024

The world clearly isn’t as fluffy bunny as our lords and masters would have us believe yet there are so very few voices of dissent that a sane man might wonder if truth has any place in all that is the art of today. Then along came Ella Ronen and her album “The Girl With No Skin.”

“The Girl With No Skin” isn’t full of words of protest nor is this album a concerted attempt to change the world. It is more of a reflection on today with Ella Ronen’s intent never disguised by her use of oblique poetry and sleight of hand metaphors while her words are like page five newspaper articles set to music or like true crime revelations presented non judgementally for your consideration. Yet, amongst the smudged ink and broken glass, there is also magic to be found with the endearingly quirky production making all that is here as acceptable in the avenues and alleyways as it would be in the safety of your local Costa coffee emporium.

An album with substance if far from commonplace these days and I have no doubt that “The Girl With No Skin” has meat upon its bones. Ella Ronen’s approach may not be mainstream but the casual listener may not notice that until it is too late and they have fallen under her spell.

Best song: The mystical title song “The Girl With No Skin”

Verdict: Worthy of many a listen.
Review Date: March 10 2024