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  City Lights Country Nights by Red Hearted Vibrations

City Lights Country Nights cover art

Artist: Red Hearted Vibrations
Title: City Lights Country Nights
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

I like it when a band makes it easy for we simple minded reviewers. Red Hearted Vibrations have duly done just that with their second album “City Lights Country Nights” capable of being summed up in just one word and that word is robust.

Red Hearted Vibrations are a rock band from Glasgow so they won’t be trying to pull any tricks on you and “City Lights Country Nights” runs straight down the rock road as if powered by a Detroit V8 engine. The riffs are big, the drums pound mercilessly and, even if you have heard this sort of thing before, even the terminally cynical can’t fail to be impressed by just how immense this band sounds. Those big as a house vocals come from someone called Laura even though that must be an alias as she should be called something altogether more dramatic. Like Vampirella or maybe Xanadu.

Red Hearted Vibrations rock like they believe it and that works for me. For best results, play this album loud but you probably figured that out by now anyway).

Best song: The catchy “City Lights”

Verdict: Seriously robust.
Review Date: March 10 2024