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  Bluestronica EP nr 5 by miXendorp

Bluestronica EP nr 5 cover art

Artist: miXendorp
Title: Bluestronica EP nr 5
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan 2003
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

Some say the blues are forever and some are most probably right but, if you have ever wondered what would happen to the blues if it make a wrong turn at the traffic lights of life and ended up in the urban jungle then direct your ears towards “Bluestronica EP nr 5” by miXendorp.

Fans of the traditional will no doubt find themselves confused by these three instrumental songs that are haunted by the ghost of the blues and find themselves wandering in the neon lit alleyways of improvisation. You might even feel that this is a herald of a desire to be transformed into a multi chorded jazz monster but, beneath the swooping synths and robotic beats, the guitar, with its 12 bar crown, remains on the throne.

There’s not much more to say about this EP. It is indeed an interesting diversion and one that will no doubt evoke a degree of curiosity from the musically adventurous listener.
Review Date: March 16 2024