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  Schrei Mich Nicht So An by Jonas Albrecht

Schrei Mich Nicht So An cover art

Artist: Jonas Albrecht
Title: Schrei Mich Nicht So An
Catalogue Number: Irascible Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2024

I like the esoteric and there would be some validity in calling “Schrei Mich Nicht So An Ich Bin In Trance Baby” by Jonas Albrecht an example of the esoteric. After all, the focus is clearly on rhythmic repetition rather than melody or decipherable lyrics.

If your ears are attuned to such things then “Schrei Mich Nicht So An Ich Bin In Trance Baby” might well rock your boat. There is plenty of, mostly looped, percussion on these rambles into a world of electronic syncopation with barely more than distortion and oblique samples to divert your ears from the terpsichorean grind. Aficionados of the dancefloor will find much that is familiar in the beats and their pulsating presentation yet there is also something almost hypnotic about all that is here that casts a, perhaps consciousness altering, spell over your attention.

Incidentally, the title of this album translates to “Don’t yell at me like that, I’m in a trance baby.” That might well indicate what your state of mind should be to best align yourself with Jonas Albrecht’s intentions.
Review Date: March 16 2024