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  Haunted by Georgia Reed

Haunted cover art

Artist: Georgia Reed
Title: Haunted
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

It’s a mean and moody world that we live in and that world, like any other world, needs a soundtrack. Could “Haunted” by Georgia Reed be such a soundtrack?

Very possibly for these five songs do sound like songs for overcast days and rainy nights. Georgia Reed’s voice reeks of sadness and cigarettes and she drifts between the heavily processed arrangements as if driven to preach to ears that never born to listen. There is drama in there too and a degree of post-midnight theatricality too yet, to my ears, it was those muscular guitars that would cast these songs into concrete.

I have no doubt that Georgia Reed is right on trend for the urban cognoscenti with this EP and I can foresee a product placement or three for her songs. Like I said at the start, this could well be a soundtrack for our times.
Review Date: March 23 2024