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  In Your Pocket by Technopolice

In Your Pocket cover art

Artist: Technopolice
Title: In Your Pocket
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

If any band could bring some style to the pop punk genre it would be a French band and Technopolice try to do that with their album “In Your Pocket”. So, onwards and upwards with both style and volume.

These songs aren’t about complexity and virtuosity yet they still satisfy. That’s a style thing, of course, and, as Technopolice squeeze all the gallic charm and streetwise attitude that they can into this album, you could find yourself thinking not only about the pop punk nineties but also of the true grandfather punk of the late seventies. I like that kind of approach. Technopolice sound like a band that does not hide its influences yet they do not sound like they are only made up of their influences.

“In Your Pocket” naturally benefits from being enjoyed at maximum volume and, if attitude amplified pop punk is your thing, then Technopolice might well make you smile.
Review Date: March 25 2024