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  Light and Shade by Have Mercy Las Vegas

Light and Shade cover art

Artist: Have Mercy Las Vegas
Title: Light and Shade
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

There are times when you get to thinking. Not the meaning of life kind of thinking but about where all those bands that seemed to have a home on the festival circuit before the world was put on hold. Not, however, the old timers who can rollout out their past hits at the drop of a cheque but those bands that could spring a surprise on your ears by demonstrating that polish and intellect in the matters of songwriting are no longer the property of historical relics. A band, perhaps, like Have Mercy Las Vegas and, as evidence, their album “Light and Shade.”

It would nonetheless appear that Have Mercy las Vegas have been around a while but, as I refuse to read press releases on a point of principle, that might just be a figment of my beer fuelled, and therefore often defective, memory. Anyway, that’s pretty much beside the point as these songs are undoubtedly crowd pleasers developed after exposure to the kind of audience who can drink Americana for breakfast and the endearing harmonies work like the best lubricating oil to insert all that is here smoothly into your consciousness. I should despise this as I despise all things that are Americana, country, country rock or just plain old timey yet there is something anarchic in the words that are slyly deposited on top of these annoyingly commercial and, simultaneously, entertainingly derivative tunes that made me smile. And I hate smiling. It’s so Stepford Wives.

I like this album and hate myself for liking it. That must mean it is quite good. Believe me, you will never know how much I hate liking an album and “Light and Shade” by Have Mercy Las Vegas is an album that I hate to like. Lord, give me more beer!

Best song: “Boon Step” – it’s stuck in my head.

Verdict: It’s really rather good.
Review Date: March 25 2024