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  TROTOP by Billions of Comrades

TROTOP cover art

Artist: Billions of Comrades
Catalogue Number: Rockerill Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2024

So, what’s happening in Belgium these days? Damned if I know but Billions of Comrades might know as they are from Belgium and their album “TROTOP” has made it across the English Channel to my ears.

Even with this album spinning around on the cd player of love, I still don’t know what’s happening in Belgium but perhaps I now know what is happening with regard to Billions of Comrades for, on the evidence of these seven songs, they have time travelled across the Atlantic and gone all uptown retro. There’s a lot going on in this album with layers upon layers of real and synthetic instruments being combined into a curiously appealing combination of staring at the sky posturing, soundtrack cues and post punk angularity. It’s a heady mix of influences, without a doubt, yet you can’t help, if only out of simple curiosity, to see what this band will pull out of their hat next.

“TROTOP” is surprisingly easy to listen to it despite its apparent complexity for, across the duration of the album, Billions of Comrades never lose their focus and thus they never lose your interest. More is, for once, more.
Review Date: April 6 2024