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  Hotel Heaven by Yellow Days

Hotel Heaven cover art

Artist: Yellow Days
Title: Hotel Heaven
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

Where was I? Now, there’s an existential question for which I have no answer. And where is Yellow Days? It would seem he is out there riding the waves of hyper stylised angst on the surfboard that is album “Hotel Heaven”.

You don’t often get an album that appears to have an underlying concept to keep it on course yet “Hotel Heaven” rolls out of the creative garage with its engine running and heads off down the road of looped percussion and looped into the gap between social media posts lyrics. In the not so far into the distance, however, you can hear the ghosts of seventies albums in textured gatefold sleeves encouraging Yellow Days to tell it like it is but in a suitably stylised manner and, perhaps surprisingly, these seven songs are duly infused with something very much akin to the stamp of maturity.

Even with all those looped retro influences worn proudly on his sleeve, Yellow Days has indeed made an album of today that deserves to be heard by more than just the cool kids. Circles, circles everywhere.
Review Date: April 7 2024