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  Sketch by AloneMe

Sketch cover art

Artist: AloneMe
Title: Sketch
Catalogue Number: Nettle Records NRAMCD08
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

"Sketch" is the first full-length release from Chelmsford quartet AloneMe. Although formed in 2003, the band have built a steady following in the UK through touring. Under the guidance of veteran songwriter and producer Nigel Stonier, AloneMe have crafted an accessible album of melancholic pop-rock that will only enhance their chances of commercial success.

Though it is early days yet, the pairing of singer Sarah Springett and guitarist David Booth augers well for the future. "Do Not Disturb", for example, is a seductive, summery tune that could possibly convince you to cheat on your other half. Or maybe just stay in bed with them. Sarah's vocals carry us on a wave of emotion throughout, and this is also reflected in the similarly edgy music. "Find What Lies" is arguably the outstanding track on the album, and certainly the loudest. With the way the song rises to a climax, it's easy to understand why the band have cemented themselves as a popular live fixture. All the hooks are there. The album ends on a rather sugary sweet tune in "Over Half Way Home" - the sort of tune you'll secretly enjoy but deny in front of others.

AloneMe don't have the best of names, but if they can build on this album, the name will become spurious. Bluesbunny was reminded of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie who have written some truly memorable pop songs over the years. I am sure that with a little effort and a whole lot of heart, Sarah Springett and David Booth will do likewise.
Review Date: August 29 2007