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  Stargate by Weird Bloom

Stargate cover art

Artist: Weird Bloom
Title: Stargate
Catalogue Number: WWNBB
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

And there I was thinking that yesterday might be today when it turned out it actually is. Or it might be if the pure retro sounds of Weird Bloom and their album “Stargate” can be regarded as evidence of time travel.

To those of us that consider ourselves connoisseurs of pop music, an album like “Stargate” is likely induce a state somewhere between elation and confusion as Weird Bloom – led by Luca Di Cataldo – pull off the best impersonation of a Chinn-Chapman production since the heyday of the real Chinn-Chapman combo. This is pure seventies inspired pop music that spins round at 45rpm for all the ten songs on this album yet there is more here than simply stealing the riffs off a Suzi Quatro single for this is what Chinn-Chapman would sound like if they were producing hits for T Rex, producing hits for Bowie or producing yet more three minute radio friendly servings of glam rock inspired bubble-gum pop.

So, if you are on the lookout for upbeat pop music that sounds so convincing that it could be long lost sounds of the past then look no further than this album and, at the very least, Weird Bloom have provided the proof that music can still has the power to make you smile.

Best song: The derivative yet joyous “Dum Dum Boogie”

Verdict: Made of sunshine and glitter.
Review Date: April 18 2024