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  Fragile by Susanne Darre

Fragile cover art

Artist: Susanne Darre
Title: Fragile
Catalogue Number: Fluttery Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

When you think about there is noise everywhere. Planes, trains and automobiles. Ringtones, television and radio. You might even get to thinking that all this noise is necessary and there is no need for any sort of quiet contemplation and perhaps that is what The Man wants you to think and, as such, “Fragile” by Susanne Darre could be regarded as a rather beautiful anomaly.

In case you are actually of the opinion that music is just noise in another form then you must have missed the beauty than exists in music. Noise can be switched off and it simply disappears but the beauty contained in music persists even after silence descends. Suzanne Darre plays the piano on this album. She is from Norway so I assume that they have open space there and her playing – delicate and yet so precisely ordered – seems to echo around the room and fade away as if simultaneously dissolving the confines of the urban nightmare.

Seven songs are what you get on this album and, while they are all ideally suited to contemplation, they seem to have something else waiting to be discovered. Something deeper, something spiritual as if Susanne Darre had drawn her wordless inspiration from a cauldron filled with mystical enchantment.

“Fragile” is a well named album and yet it is one with many strengths and I do believe that, with this album, Susanne Darre could calm any and all troubled waters.
Review Date: May 19 2024