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  Magam Bajnoka by Terra Nullius

Magam Bajnoka cover art

Artist: Terra Nullius
Title: Magam Bajnoka
Catalogue Number: H-Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2023

I don’t get to listen to much music from the metal genre. This is a fact that has never, in truth, bothered me but, as it is a Sunday, I thought I would take a chance and see if Hungarian band Terra Nullius could make my ears bleed.

“Magam Bajnoka” is a very muscular album, as you might expect, and all the boxes expected of the metal genre have duly been ticked. The drums are massive, the guitars even more so yet this isn’t a stereotypical metal album and that is down to the essence of theatricality that has been infused into these ten songs. You just know that everyone in this band wears black attire all the time but they also seem to have learned that all the world is indeed a stage with Levente Ráduly’s voice never being less than dramatic and thus providing an effective focal point for the listener’s attention.

Everything here is big, almost symphonic, and even at less than maximum volume. Terra Nullius make thunder seem like a minor sonic disturbance. Fans of the genre will therefore find much to enjoy but the band’s theatrical approach makes them worthy of an introduction to a wider audience.
Review Date: May 19 2024