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  Bombshell by Rachel Owen

Bombshell cover art

Artist: Rachel Owen
Title: Bombshell
Catalogue Number: Dr Earl Music 002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Rachel Owen gives us a stylised mix of alternative country and Americana tinged with a subtle blues influence.  Musically at times it may border on the old-fashioned, however lyrically, and in attitude, it is bang up to date.  And apart from a great cover of Joan Armatrading's "Call Me Names", all songs are Rachel's own work.

The opening track "Down" is a superb bluesy sort of number, whereas "The Divorce Song" is an updated country style song for the generation where love and marriage are throw away commodities.  With "Mine" she shows she is not afraid to throw in a bit of a Bette Midler style risqué number - "I like the way you make me sweat; by the time I knock on your door I'm already wet".  With "Peaches" we have a slower emotional number that gets better with each listen, and "Sugar", done in a sort of 'bar room' style, is certainly a bit of an attention grabber.

Rachel has an impressive voice that is capable of handling several styles with equal ease, and she seems to know how to write the material to show it off to good effect as well.  This album would certainly be a worthy addition to your singer/songwriter CD collection.  For more information on Rachel Owen and to listen to some songs visit her <a href="">Sonicbids EPK</a>.
Review Date: June 21 2007