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  Vices by Resister

Vices cover art

Artist: Resister
Title: Vices
Catalogue Number: Run On Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

Woke up this evening and found myself in Glasgow. Come to think of it, that happens a lot these days and, with nothing better than reality to entertain me, I went in search of a bacon roll and some indie rock. No problem obtaining the bacon roll but the indie rock wasn’t as forthcoming but, with a bit of perseverance, “Vices” by Resister was tracked down and plugged in.

Now, I like a bit of indie rock in the evening. It sounds like yesterday to me and Resister duly sounded like a band that had stepped straight out of a time machine. Their “Vices” EP contains four songs that can best be described as robust in the best indie rock tradition and the band know just how to deliver such songs. Everything is pumped up and every song powers up a guitar frenzy with lead singer Connor Dowell making a headlong dash for a singalong chorus every time. That approach, in the right time and place, is just what the doctor ordered.

Subtlety isn’t on the cards yet does that really matter when you know that the audience for this type of music is looking for a good time and Resister do an entirely reasonable job of giving such people what they want. Play loud and serve with lager.
Review Date: June 9 2024