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  Busy Makin' Money by Burl Sheldon

Busy Makin' Money cover art

Artist: Burl Sheldon
Title: Busy Makin' Money
Catalogue Number: Roughage Queen Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

A little cynicism goes a long way. Few should know this better than Alaskan folk singer Burl Sheldon. Burl and his wife, Nancy, address the importance of love and money in society, with a little social commentary along the way.

"I Don't Need a Miracle" proves a pleasant start to the album, though it may well be the most listenable track on the album. The title track sees the album take a cynical turn. Songs such as the Kinks-like "Cable Is Your Chain" poke fun at those who rely on their television for sustenance. Sounding eerily like Ray Davies, Sheldon's lyrics on this particular song are particularly essential. "IT Blues" and "" relate to the importance of technology in today's world. As nice as it is that Burl has attempted to mend the bridge between blues and technology, it's not as if the bridge was ever really there. 21st century blues songs

"Busy Makin' Money" encompasses a range of burning issues in today's world, as well as some impressive musicianship. It might just be that Burl Sheldon has made an insightful album that may well go unnoticed. Ultimately, it is the personal nature of the songs on this album that might put people off. Caring about anything other than yourself is getting rarer with each passing day.

Not since songstress Jewel has Alaska been recognised for its musical talents. We hope that Burl Sheldon will get such recognition.
Review Date: September 3 2007