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  Late To The Party by Juni

Late To The Party cover art

Artist: Juni
Title: Late To The Party
Catalogue Number: Baciami Disques
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2024

Juni? A new name to me, perhaps not to you, but my knowledge of the darker corners of the French dance pop scene has always been somewhat limited. However, the four songs on their EP “Late To The Party” will hopefully shine a light on their musical intentions.

All the songs are in English which gives a pretty clear indication of this band’s intentions. “Late To The Party” is a musical journey by that heavily sequenced late eighties American groove train with a stop at every station that is staffed by the spectre of the dancefloor. That infuses everything, no doubt deliberately, with that super stylish robotic element to make these four songs seem like the work of a human/machine hybrid with terpsichorean ambitions and, while none of these songs are long, they nonetheless don’t quite seem a good fit for the traditional seven inch vinyl. These are more the forgotten grandchildren of the spinning silver compact disc that was all but new way back then.

With the relentless power of the machine driving Juni forever forward, this EP could never be less than upbeat and, indeed, that is just what it is. The rhythm of the beat lives once more.
Review Date: July 8 2024