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  Distance by Brazen

Distance cover art

Artist: Brazen
Title: Distance
Catalogue Number: Re-Echo Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2024

Where are Brazen going with this one? “Distance.” Their new album, is most certainly a work infused with maturity but where does it fit in to modern day music?

It is good to hear a band that has more than enough steam in their boiler to keep their songs running well over the three minute limit and there is also no doubting the there is a sense of scope that gives these eight songs a rather more cinematic presence than you might expect of a European indie rock band. Their firm grasp of melody is always evident with an overarching concept acting as a compass to keep their musical ship on course.

Songs like the dramatic “Arms of The Sea” and, indeed, the almost whimsical “Hey Man” sound like they should be played in the largest of auditoriums to an audience of thousands yet the bookers of such venues would rather do a bit of gravedigging to fill the stage than let a band like Brazen loose on audience that would surely appreciate the band’s considered approach and lyrical literacy.

“Distance” perhaps even requires maturity to be fully appreciated yet we are all getting old before our time so Brazen are quite probably right on the pulse. Oh yes, you will have to play this album more than once to get the most from it but that will not prove to be any sort of hardship. I know where Brazen are going and so should you.
Review Date: July 8 2024