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  Nothin but Love (Postal Service Madness) by Ana Lovelis

Nothin but Love (Postal Service Madness) cover art

Artist: Ana Lovelis
Title: Nothin but Love (Postal Service Madness)
Catalogue Number: DKE Records 481000-2
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Ana is a woman with attitude in abundance, and clearly doesn't mind who knows it… or even whether they agree with it for that matter.  Her songs range from the rough edged, to the sweet, to the downright dirty.  "Wet" and "Polluted Heart" are wonderfully sultry, sleazy and sensuous songs.  "Wet" oozes sexiness from every note; while "Polluted Heart" is a love song of excesses - and should probably have a 'don't try this at home' warning attached to it!  If these songs are to be believed Ana is not a woman you'd take home to meet the parents, however you would most definitely take her home!!!

She shows she is more than just a performer of obscenely outrageous songs with an album packed with great songs and plenty of variety.  Take "I'm A Girl" for example, this is a great hook-laden infectious piece of pop which disguises some steely edged lyrics that indicate Ms Lovelis is nobody's fool when it comes to getting her own way.  Then there is "Nothin' But Love", which begins with a drum backing that puts you in mind of Sammy Davis Jr at his coolest and hip sounding best, before it launches into raucous punk-edged pop that somehow remains strangely hip and cool.

"Come Down On Me" is a thoughtful and more sedate song albeit with anthemic leanings, and in some ways reminds you Evenescence, although thankfully not so overblown.  With "Mother of a Hit Song" she displays a fine sense of irony by voicing her disapproval against the glut of catchy pop songs that you can't get out of your head… by writing a particularly fine catchy pop song that you can't get out of your head!

This is a simply exceptional collection of rebellious pop.  Although in some ways a blast from the past, it is still fresh sounding.  Indeed, this is as fine an example of how pop music should be as you are ever likely to find.
Review Date: September 2 2007