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  So Many Rivers by Marcia Ball

So Many Rivers cover art

Artist: Marcia Ball
Title: So Many Rivers
Catalogue Number: Alligator ALCD 4891
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

As always the passion that Marcia has for her music comes across in abundance.  However, it has to be said that this follow up to her 2001 debut release for Alligator unfortunately doesn't live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.  With hindsight there was a certain inevitability about this given the particularly high standard she set with "Presumed Innocent".  Nevertheless there are still some excellent songs here.  "Baby Why Not" shows her at Cajun sounding best and she is ably accompanied by Wayne Toups on accordion (Jimmy Shand certainly never sounded like this!!).

"Foreclose on the House of Love", bounces along with a rollicking beat supported by a solid horn backing, while with "Give Me a Chance" the sound is stripped right back to the minimum, and interspersed with some Memphis sounding horns giving it a real old time spiritual feel.  "Three Hundred Pounds of Hungry" is the 'hidden' gem of the album with a raw rootsy sound that makes you almost feel the Mississippi lapping at your feet on a lazy afternoon.  While this may not be her best, you'd still give up your piano stool if Ms Ball happened by.
Review Date: September 9 2007