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  Catching Flies with Vinegar by Jana Peri

Catching Flies with Vinegar cover art

Artist: Jana Peri
Title: Catching Flies with Vinegar
Catalogue Number: Hot Jupiter JP01
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Jana Peri serves up punk inspired music with a bowl of feisty hot attitude on the side.  And with Ramones producer Daniel Rey taking the helm for this full length debut album, perhaps this is not surprising.  Indeed things start with the minimum of fuss, and chords, with the raucous Ramone inspired "City Beat" - a reminder of a time when music was simple and fun.

The highlight though is the more sedate "Go Ahead" where Jana gives vent to her determination to succeed despite obstacles put in her way, and has a bit of a Difford and Tilbrook Squeeze feel about it.  "All Your Fault is carried along on a great swinging jazz bass line, and is how you would imagine Ella Fitzgerald sounding at CeeBee-GeeBees!!  On the other hand "I'll Be Gone" is punk gone country, and the result is a new wave hoedown that is peculiarly pleasing to the ear.  With "LA Girl" we return to straight ahead no nonsense energetic rock; although it's clear she is not as enamoured of Californian girls as the Beach Boys were.

The sound of this girl from New York City may be rooted in the new wave music the city spawned; but she has also harvested wisely from further a field to create a hybrid sound that is quite distinctly of her own making. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: September 15 2007