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  Crooked Smile by Stefanie Fix

Crooked Smile cover art

Artist: Stefanie Fix
Title: Crooked Smile
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Singer songwriter Stephanie Fix presents us with a somewhat contemplative, darkish and brooding set of songs.  At times there are similarities with alternative country performer Neko Case.  At other times she comes over as a bit of female version of Tom Waits.  In this vein "Dancing With Ghosts", with an achingly throbbing beat provided by the rhythm section over which Stefanie delivers her tale of past choices and consequences, is certainly the highlight of the album.

Of the others, "Walking Shoes" and "Let The Sunshine Thru You" really standout.  The former has a solid blues rhythm and a tone that sits somewhere between challenging and menacing; whereas the latter is the most upbeat number in both mood and tempo in the collection, and provides an uplifting contrast to the overall atmosphere.  This collection of songs by Stefanie may at times be a bit over bearing; nevertheless it is strangely compelling, and certainly delivered with heartfelt sentiment.
Review Date: September 19 2007