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  Girl on Top by Swirl

Girl on Top cover art

Artist: Swirl
Title: Girl on Top
Catalogue Number: HJ2R-07010-1
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

What this quartet delivers is fresh faced pop with a smile and to a bouncy beat.  The opening two tracks, "Naked On The Floor" and "Pink", are prime examples of their catchy pop style.  "Pink" in particular is a top notch pop song and one of those rare instances where although you catch yourself humming along to it afterwards, you actually don't mind.

With "Fever" we are treated to a gently funky midd-ish tempo number; while "Further I Go" is a sort of pop-rock crossover and has vocalist Hilary Pryde on the top of her game.  "That's It" is another highlight, and it takes you completely by surprise.  Suddenly it's as if you're in Coventry, it's the late 1970's and it's the sound of Two-Tone as the band belt out a stomping and potent blend of the sound of Selector and The Specials that you just can't help but like.

At sixty minutes plus in length spread over fifteen tracks they do on occasions take a wrong turning as they wind their merry way along the pop super-highway.  However, for the occasions where they do get the direction right, this is one that is worth tracking down.
Review Date: September 19 2007