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  Stinky Stinky by Fil Lorenz Soul-tet

Stinky Stinky cover art

Artist: Fil Lorenz Soul-tet
Title: Stinky Stinky
Catalogue Number: Hammond Beat HBL 002 EP
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

This three track EP from the Fil Lorenz Soul-tet presents us with the sort of instrumental soulful jazz sounds that were so beloved by many a 60's film director as music for opening title sequences.

The opening track of the three, "Stinky Stinky", is the best by far, with the band coming across as a less funky version of the Bar-Kays - perhaps more 'soul thumb' than "Soul Finger"!!  "Amacallya" is next up and is in a similar vein, and as with the previous track the tenor sax of Fil Lorenz and the trumpet of Joel Ryan take turns to be front and centre.  The final track "Sassie Lassie" is the jazziest of the trio, as well as being the longest and most convoluted of the tracks - funny how often those things often seem to go together!

Recommended if you like jazz influenced instrumentals, or if you're a Hollywood director who needs material for the soundtrack of your remake of a cult 60's TV series or film that, mistakenly, you think you can improve on.  And yes, we are thinking of The Avengers and The Italian Job!!
Review Date: September 19 2007