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  One Design EP by Mooli

One Design EP cover art

Artist: Mooli
Title: One Design EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Quietly compelling would be an appropriate description for the 4 tracks on this EP from Mooli. Over the course of the EP, you become aware of the almost hypnotic effect of the songs.

Bluesbunny has generally found electronica rather cold and soulless as if the life had been programmed out of the music. However the honeyed vocals of Clea Llewellyn made us to warm to the opening track "One Design". The effective hook on "Save You" confirms this duo's pop sensibilities. The curiously uplifting "Underneath the Same Sun" rounds this EP on a high and even caused a bit of the old singing along during the chorus. No matter what the genre, a good song is a good song and that track qualifies as our favourite

So, what we have here is a fine piece of electronica to add to your collection. Clea Llewellyn and Ben Copland have a synergy that gives their music warmth and subtlety and this allows them to stand out from their competitors in the genre. Not bad at all.
Review Date: September 20 2007