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  Dirt Road Rock by Charles Ashley Moore

Dirt Road Rock cover art

Artist: Charles Ashley Moore
Title: Dirt Road Rock
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Hailing from Georgia, Charles Ashley Moore claims to have created his own genre of music which he calls 'Dirt Road Rock', although I'm not sure where the rock comes into it or indeed where this dirt road is supposed to be. On opening the package in front of me and sliding the CD out of its slip-cover this Bluesbunny is pleasantly surprised to find a CD label which looks like a good old fashioned Vinyl LP, complete with faux grooves - a nice touch, and a sign that the artist actually cares about what he's doing!

The first thing that grabs at the ol' Bunny ears is Charles' voice, all at once it's rough and whiskey soaked and yet has indefinable sweet qualities that are accentuated by the clear and well balanced tone of the acoustic guitar. No slouch at the guitar either, Charles even manages to drop solos into a handful of the tunes; no mean feat when there are no other instruments on the track.

The songs themselves would be great chill out music for a relaxing summer afternoon, with the breathy harmonica and a laid-back descending chord sequence of "Blind Me" reminding me of lying back on a boat floating down that lazy river. "Live Your Dream" has a great lyrical chorus matching perfectly the bouncing rhythm of the finger picked guitar. "Freedom Is a God Given Right" embraces Charles' soulful side with a beautiful call and response between the multitracked vocals in the chorus. The downside to the CD is its lack of variety. As well presented as the music is, and not forgetting Charles' amazing sandpaper and chocolate voice, the one voice/one guitar formula wears thin over the course of the album. Although the songs are memorable and well written enough in themselves, the lack of peaks and troughs makes the CD, as a whole, a bit repetitive.

Those objections aside, this CD is one of the better albums to be placed in my CD player. You should check it out if you like your acoustic music chilled out and on a jazz/soul trip.
Review Date: September 29 2007